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Our current operational fleet consists of four EU-compliant wet fish trawlers namely the Villa de Hio, Ocean Tide, Ocean Wave and the Wiron 5.

The 5th vessel in our fleet, the Victory, is presently undergoing a complete refit. This project, like all previous vessel refits, is being undertaken by our own in-house engineering department.

Additional vessels are chartered, if and when required in order to ensure the continuous supply of hake to the processing plant.

Catch method used by all vessels is ‘’bottom otter trawl’’ (OTB)

All fish is headed and gutted at sea and landed on ice in 28 kg bins.

Carrying capacity of the vessels range from 95 tons to 180 tons.

  • Name: VILLA DE HIO

    Registered: Namibia

    LOA: 49.8 m

    BHP: 1800

    Skipper: Deon Venter

    Carrying capacity: 180 tons ( 6500 bins )

  • Name: OCEAN TIDE

    Registered: Namibia

    LOA: 47.2m

    BHP: 1500

    Skipper: Brown Hanavi

    Carrying capacity: 100 tons ( 3600 bins )

  • Name: OCEAN WAVE

    Registered: Namibia

    LOA: 43.5m

    BHP: 1800

    Skipper: Donovan Hawes

    Carrying capacity: 100 tons ( 3600 bins )

  • Name: WIRON 5

    Registered: Namibia

    LOA: 36.8m

    BHP: 1200

    Skipper: Warren Hawes

    Carrying capacity: 100 tons ( 3600 bins )

  • Name: VICTORY

    Registered: Namibia

    LOA: 33.0m

    BHP: 1800

    Carrying capacity: 130 tons ( 4600 bins )

    Vessel currently under reconstruction.


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