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At SEAWORK a "Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points System" (HACCP), a food safety management system has been implemented since the company started. The system relies on a systematic approach to the identification and assessment of the hazards and their associated risks within a food processing operation and the defining of the means of their control. It is a preventative system for ensuring the highest food safety possible, but is not a stand-alone system. It is built upon other programs such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) which are built into our food safety system.

HACCP has been endorsed worldwide by organizations such as Codex Alimentarius (a commission of the United Nations), the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), and the European Union and by several other countries, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Our HACCP system undergoes annual audits to ensure that the company conforms to the necessary criteria. The quality department facilitates the auditing process performed by The NSI (Namibian Standards Institution), as the national standards body of Namibia, to ensure that the company conforms to relevant International and EU-requirements regarding exporting regulations and legislature .A certificate of compliance is issued for the duration of one year.

Our HACCP system assists us to comply with legislation and to fulfil customer requirements as well as supporting due diligence. Our focus is food safety and quality which starts on board our vessels and is monitored throughout the process right up to the finished product. All of our processing is done by hand, with exception to the preservation method aided by our state of the art freezing facilities, thereby ensuring the best possible quality and safety of our products.

We do our best in order to always be ahead and up to date with international quality standards, legislation and regulations.

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