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Our hake fillet, king klips and Pelagics PRODUCTS:

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Hake H & G

The fish is landed headded and gutted.It is then graded, cleaned, pouched or interleaved, packed and blast frozen.

Hake Fillet

skin on

The graded fillets are processed by hand, trimmed, sorted and packed to be quick frozen as skin on fillets.

Hake Prime Cuts


The skin on fillets can be processed into Prime Cuts, such as Loins, Steaks (centres), Bellies and Tailpieces.

Hake Fillet

skin less


The skin on hake fillet may undergo further value-adding by cutting out the pin bone and deep-skinning them, to be processed into skin less fillets.

Hake Moulded &

Folded Products

The skinless fillet can be processed into moulded or folded products, such as Moulded Loins.

Hake Blocks

Industrial Blocks are available as: Skinless fillet blocks, Bits & Pieces blocks, Loinless blocks and Mince blocks.

King Klip

The landed King Klip can be handled as H&G or can undergo further value-adding procedures, such as hand-filleting and deep-skinning.

Large Pelagics

Our large pellagics include Blue Shark, Tuna and Oilfish


In this Section you will find information about other different species, e.g. Monkfish, which we are processing.

Retail Concepts

Products can be bagged, packed in customized cartons/shatterpacks or any other retail solution.